Maytag testing out ‘connected’ Washers and Dryers

Boy I wish we had these when I was in college. I don’t miss continually walking to and from the laundry room or just sitting in those loud, hot rooms waiting for my laundry to finish. Maytag is testing out some new connected washers and dryers at a Wheelock College. These washers and dryers can… Continue reading Maytag testing out ‘connected’ Washers and Dryers

Guitar Hero Cufflinks

What more could a Guitar Hero enthusiast like more than these trendy, superbly designed, Guitar Hero cufflinks? Shaped like the guitar featured in the game, these chunky cufflinks will make a subtle but stylish addition to your shirt wherever you happen to be, and let people know about your love for Guitar Hero! $50 gets… Continue reading Guitar Hero Cufflinks

Get your GfG swag with Free Shipping

Only until July 20, you can get your GfG gear, like the cool Golf Shirt in the pic with free shipping. Or perhaps you’d prefer a hoodie, or a baseball t-shirt, a coffee mug, or perhaps a sweet license plate holder. Anyway, head over to CafePress and enter in a coupon code of “FREESUMMER” when… Continue reading Get your GfG swag with Free Shipping