Canon Launches New EOS Rebel

Canon Rebel EOS T2iThe Canon EOS Rebel T2i is seen as the ‘flagship’ of Canon’s entry-level digital SLRs (so it’s the best of the worst, right?). While the camera is relatively similar to the previous EOS Rebel, a lot of the features have improved slightly to produce a more feature-packed high-specification camera all round.

The resolution on this camera is an impressive 18 megapixels and the screen is as large as you’d expect on a camera of this quality – it is also easy to use; a bonus compared to some of its competitors! The resolution of the camera means that photos produced are 6 foot by 4 foot in actual size, should you ever wish to print them out at 100% (stock up on those ink cartridges). …

Canon has 4 new cameras that auto-detects smiles and winks and takes photos

canon sd1300 isIn what can better help you take ‘spontaneous’ photos, Canon adds 4 new cameras to it’s PowerShot line that have a feature called SmartAuto which detects smiles and winks and releases the shutter.

The four models are:

Some models will be available in late March.

Canon PowerShot SD630


Mobility is something that many beginning photographers or recreational photographers look for when they look for a new camera. They also look for a camera that is both mobile and has all the great features that are in other cameras. If you are looking for an ultra-compact and ultra-slim camera then you need to look into Canon. The Canon PowerShot SD630 Digital ELPH digital camera is just the camera you might be looking for. This camera offers many great features while being a slim and compact camera and will cost you around $600.

The Canon PowerShot SD630 offers that user 6 megapixels and a 3X optical zoom. There is also a F2.8 maximum aperture. For the first time on a Canon camera there is a 3 inch LCD screen that offers 173,000 pixels of resolution. This will allow you to clearly see your pictures after taking them. Weighing nearly 6 ounces makes this camera heavier than you might expect from a small camera but being small enough that it fits comfortably in your shirt or pants pocket. The camera is quick to start up and will take pictures quickly as well. If you put the camera in its manual mode you have the ability to change advanced settings. Some of these advance settings include white balance, exposure compensation and metering mode. There are many features that make this camera useful. This is the perfect camera for someone who is looking for a great camera that they can take anywhere they want to go.

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Price: $599.99
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