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Best Buy to compete with Netflix et al. in digital movie download business

best buyIn a move that seems obviously like an effort to emulate the success that Netflix and Amazon has had with their digital entertainment download services, Best Buy is throwing their hat into the ring as well.

No start date yet, but the service called Blue Sky Video will give its customers one free movie download every month. Well, that’s a good way to lure new customers over!

CES 2010: Sprint’s Overdrive Mobile Hotspot Gives you 3G/4G Internet Connectivity in a Palm-Sized Device

sprint overdrive mifiSprint just announced the Overdrive – a 3G/4G mobile hotspot gadget. It connects to SPrint’s WiMax network, and allows up to 5 WiFi devices to connect. If the 4G conn (available right now in 27 cities [coverage]) drops, it switches to the nationwide 3G (EVDO) network.

Overdrive will be available in 2 days at Best Buy and Sprint for $100 (with a $50 MIR) and a 2-yr agreement at $60/mo.

At those prices, if you have 4G in your area, it could be well worth it to ditch your cable modem/DSL line. It’ll also mean having Internet connectivity wherever you go.

[press release]

Rumor: Best Buy trial of Palm Pre Jun 7

Just a rumor, but it’s possible that in a month, you may see a limited # of Palm Pre units at Best Buys across the country. And they really mean limited – only 4500 units. Quite possible that some locations may only have 1 unit. That doesn’t seem to make sense to me at all, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

The other part of the rumor is pricing: New customers with a 2-year contract, $199.99. Existing customer upgrades, $299.99. Outright, $999.99. Here’s hoping my Sprint phone upgrade credit of $150 still applies!

via BGR.

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