SureFlap – An electronic House Key for your Cat

Worried about other cats getting into your home when you install a cat flap? Now you don’t need to be! SureFlap, based in the UK, has come up with a solution – their cat flap remembers the id of the microchip in your cat and will only open when it recognizes that particular chip – very simple, very effective.

The majority of microchip types are recognised by the SureFlap and set up is very easy – just hit a button, let your cat walk through the flap and you’re good to go. The design is very clean and simple so it won’t look obtrusive in your home and can be installed into pre-existing cat flap holes if you’re upgrading from the “analog” catflap!

The device is powered by battery (usually lasting 12 months), and has a low-battery warning so your beloved cat(s) aren’t stranded outside on account of a non-working kitty-door.

Oh, and if you’re a real cat lover , it has memory for 32 different cats’ chips.

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Price: $149.99
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  2. I love this! I use it inside. It's great to let skinny cats into a certain room to eat while keeping the fat cats out and away from the snacks! Also good if you have one dominant cat, you can keep him separate from the scairdy cats while letting the in between cats visit both groups!

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