Speedo Aquabeat – Waterproof MP3 Player

Speedo Aquabeat

I do enjoy a good relaxing trip on my $multi-million yacht, listening to my music whilst basking in the glorious sunshine, that is until my iPod gets wet and dies on me… Yeah right. But the point is, it could happen and Speedo have engineered solution to this (or, most likely, a gizmo so people can listen to music whilst swimming) – a waterproof 2GB MP3 player that doesn’t actually look ugly! 2 GB of storage should keep you entertained for long enough with about 500 songs on it and has a nice subtle look to it, where most other waterproof devices can have very tacky color schemes and patterns.

The AquaBeat easily attaches to any swimwear items, and will float to the top of the water if dropped and comes in shades of green, pink or black. You also get all the usual usability as you would get with any other standard MP3 player.

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  2. I just recently got the Speedo Aquabeat for my birthday and I have been using during my swimming and workout session. After using this wonderful waterproof music device there were no more boring laps on the pool.

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