Speakercraft’s Multi-Zone A/V Controller

Speakercraft's Multi-Zone A/V Controller

This rack-mountable multi-zone controller can control music sources, lighting, paging and video from within any zone and provides for six separate zones with expansion available as well and is Ethernet capable!

The Controller will allow you, your spouse, children and guests to listen to their own source with a source or two to spare! You’ll find most Controllers have either one or possibly two input sources and the multi-zoned, multi-sourced controller are quite expensive… not saying this beauty of a product isn’t expensive, but it is well priced.

What good does a whole-house audio system do if the only control switch is on the other side of the house? By combining maximum control with flexible ease of use, SpeakerCraft has designed a Multi-Zone Controller for six sources and six zones. Simply connect your DVD, CD, satellite, VCR or any other source of audio or video, and then control any of them with a touch of a keypad button from any of six different zones in your home. Get creative: control music sources, lighting, paging and video from within any zone. Six master keypads have built-in IR receivers to control your system, and they come with a number of different-colored faceplates to suit your décor.

Price: $2409.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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