Never Too Early To Introduce Computers To Pre-K Kids

By Jinny Gudmundsen

Young children starting school in the digital age will find paper, pencils, computers, the Internet and other electronic devices in their classrooms to help them learn. If you are the parent of a young child, here are answers to some questions parents of preschool and kindergarten students often ask about how to take advantage of technology. First of all, children do not need to know how to use a computer before starting preschool or kindergarten. However, many will. “We are rapidly entering the time when students will be at risk if they don’t have knowledge of or are active users of technology before they enter school,” says Frank Bensinger, principal of the Forest Edge Elementary School for Communications and Technology in Fairfax County, Va. He can identify the kids that haven’t been using technology at home because they “seem timid and awkward around tech things.” Fortunately, “it doesn’t take them too long to get involved,” he says.

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