Soundolier Wireless Speaker Floor Lamp Kit

Soundolier Wireless Speaker Floor Lamp Kit

Lighting and wireless speakers… who would of thunk it, but they apparently go together like yin and yang or peanut butter and bananas.

The Soundolier combines lighting with a wireless speaker in the unit that can be placed and used as a left or right surround sound speaker or a stereo unit. The speaker receives a signal from a wireless transmitter connected to a local source which delivers the audio to the speaker. This is a solution for people that don’t want those wires across the floor and need lighting anyway.
(Price: $379.99)

Play music through your lighting! The Soundolier Wireless Speaker Floor Lamp Kit includes the world’s first wireless speaker lamp, which blends sound and light to bring the rich beauty of audio and the warmth of light to you home, wirelessly. The included transmitter connects to any audio source and transmits wirelessly to a standing lamp. This full-featured speaker offers volume and signal controls and can be configured as a single stereo speaker, a stereo pair, or as part of a home theater. A foot-controlled power and dimmer offer convenient control of the lamp for room lighting, theater-style dimming or anywhere in between.

Price: $379.99
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