Sony Digital Reader PRS-505 with 100 Free eBooks

Sony Digital Reader

Sony has a put out a new rev of their very cool Digital Reader Book which is not only slimmer, but cheaper, and available in 2 colors – silver and dark blue. If you buy one of these now, you are also entitled to download 100 classic books for free from the Sony Connect store (at $2 apiece, that’s a $200 bonus). Of course, they sell 1000s of other titles that you can download to your reader.

Some of the stats on the eBook Reader:

  • eInk technology
  • approx 170 pixels per inch
  • Reads txt, pdf, rtf and Word docs
  • Plays mp3 and aac files
  • displays jpeg, gif, png and bmp image files
  • battery life: approx 7500 page turns (4 hrs to recharge using USB conn)

Having seen and used one of these, I feel that the ebook debate over readability is over. Sony has shown the way and it should be a matter of time before more vendors get in the game and eInk tech is everywhere.

Price: $299.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)