Gmail at 10GB in a month and a half?

Have you noticed the dynamically updating counter of space that your Gmail account has on the login page? As I write this, it’s trucking up to 4313MB. I couldn’t help but notice how quickly this counter seemed to be incrementing, so I decided to do a quick ‘back of the napkin’ calculation to see how long it would take at current rates to get to 10GB.

For the engineering/scientific types among you, yes I realize that I’m making lots of assumptions, like: the rate of increase may not be constant, Google may change their mind, my cut and paste method isn’t accurate, 1GB isn’t 1000MB, blah, blah, blah. I get it, but this is make-you-think piece. Onto my calcuation…

I took 3 samples, each a minute long and noted how much the counter had incremented. The #s were surprisingly close and average out to an increase of 0.089214 MB per minute. Wow. With about 5687MB to get to 10000MB, that means it’ll take 63756 minutes to get there. A little division… carry the 1… 44 days!

44 days to get to 10GB?! Is that for real G?

If yes, all I have to say (with a smile) is nice. Just in time for Christmas.


  1. Sampled for an hour & should just surpass 6000MB by Christmas so certainly slowed down… (or just wrong?!)

  2. I calculated .01875MB/min (27MB/day exactly). Just now.

    I wrote about the Gmail increase in my blog ( But I basically said that since nobody can legitimately use all the space (ok, maybe .000001% of people), Google could make it 1000TB… infinity, and it wouldn’t matter, because it is just a number. I am surprised they didn’t just bump it up to 5+GB to top Hotmail, though.

    Looks like it wont be long anyhow. (24.5 days to 5GB and 209.68 days to 10GB). It increased by 80MB since I wrote about it in my blog, so it is definitely slowing down.

  3. @Eldrath – yup, good call. I definitely thought about sampling for an hour, but a second later realized it wasn’t quite worth the time!

    @Dan – you have to admit that incrementally increasing the space continuously is a great tactic. Psychologically, you feel like you’re constantly getting something better every second! And you know that eventually, you’re going to get to their competitor’s 5GB limit any way.
    Point taken about the space being just a number, but I do feel better knowing that I’m not about to exhaust the space any time soon.

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