SnÅ«zNLÅ«z – Wifi Donation Alarm Clock – April Fool’s Joke

SnūzNLūz - Wifi Donation Alarm Clock - April Fool's Joke

The SnÅ«zNLÅ«z Wifi Donation Alarm Clock uses extreme technology to wake you from your slumber. Sure some alarm clocks use guns or bed shakers but the SnÅ«zNLÅ«z uses the technology of “time is money” to wake you up.

To wake you up, the alarm clock connects via your Wifi connection to your online bank and donates your real money to an organization you hate every time you decide to snooze.

Your hatred will actually get you up in the morning putting you in the perfect mindset for another glorious day working for the man…

For years the masses have told you that if you snooze you lose. You never believed them. You held your head high and slept in whenever you wanted to, always without fear of loss. Well, dear friends, the times have changed. The ingenious sages at ThinkGeek Labs(TM) have finally created the Ultimate weapon against snoozing – the SnÅ«zNLÅ«z(TM). People who enjoy sleeping in are cowering in fear all across the globe – it’s finally true, when you snooze, you lose!

Price: $39.99
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