Slingbox and PCTV To Go in China: Part 2

Slingbox After having choppy issues with video and audio in Beijing, my wife and I have had a much better experience with the Slingbox in both Chongqing City and Guangzhou. Unfortunately we were so busy we did not have a chance to watch too much local TV using our place-shifting devices and basically we just had CNN or any soccer match on in the room as background noise.

While the Beijing and Chongqing City high-speed Internet connections were free, I had to buy a week’s worth of Internet access at our Guangzhou hotel at 600 yuan! That’s $40 which is still less than the American hotels that charge for Internet (usually $9.95-$12.95 per day). Hopefully I’ll have enough time to Sling during my time here.

2 thoughts on “Slingbox and PCTV To Go in China: Part 2”

  1. glad you had good experience in chongqing, as i did.

    my slingbox now in kunming ranges from wonderful (275 kb/sec) to unacceptable (20-30 kb/sec), seems to mostly vary based on time of day. i may try another carrier (i believe there are two).

    um… 600 yuan more like $80?? you really must get into negotiating chinese style!! guangzhou is an expensive city tho…



  2. Opps… meant 300 yuan. Not only is Guangzhou and expensive city (and touristy), I’m on Shamian Island which is even more expensive!

    Nothing like getting a Rolex watch for less than $10USD, the latest Harry Potter movie (in theaters) for less than $2USD and a Polo luggage bag for under $10USD! 😉

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