Sling Media’s New Family of Slingboxes

New Slingbox As DVR Playground reported last week, Sling Media officially will release three new Slingboxes on September 28th. This release marks the first hardware upgrade of the Slingbox which won several innovation awards this past year.

Slingcommunity got a sneak preview of the new Slingbox line containing the Slingbox Tuner, A/V and Pro as expected. With each Slingbox uniquely tailored towards a specific type of user, the choice of which Slingbox is right for consumers could be confusing so Slingcommunity has released another article to help choose which Slingbox is right for you. For instance, if you use basic cable and an antenna, the Slingbox A/V would be your choice. On the other end, if you have multiple devices you would like to control or connect your HD sources through component input into your Sling, you need to consider the Slingbox Pro.

Source: DVR Playground