Slappa Black Wave CD Case Contest

SLAPPA has generously decided to sponsor four straight weeks of Googlewhacking contests here at Gizmos for Geeks! Each week three Slappa cases will be given away. First prize will be a 160 count CD case, second place is their 80 CD case and third place will be a 40 CD case. This week’s case style will be the Black Wave Collection.

Check out the review we did on their 40 CD Case. Other sites have reviewed Slappa’s products as well and I have not seen a negative review anywhere on these cases.

The Geeks have come up with a fun contest to give away these sweet CD cases based on googlewhacking with a slight twist. You must submit one word, which when combined with our secret word, will produce a Google score. The lower the score above zero the better and the top ten scores will be posted realtime on the scoreboard. The first week’s contest will run for one full week starting May 19th and ending May 25th at 8pm EST.

Good luck!

Rules :

  1. Only one prize per person;
  2. Only two submissions per day per person;
  3. Only letters can be used, no punctuation or numbers;
  4. Word submitted must be a word according to Google;
  5. All decisions made by the Geeks are final.