HAI OmniTouch Touchscreen Controller

HAI OmniTouch Touchscreen Controller

Graphically control any OmniLT, Omni II or OmniPro II automation controller with this colorful, plug-and-play touchscreen interface! The unit features a 3.9 inch color, touch-sensitive LCD screen with backlighting that adjusts automatically to ambient lighting conditions and turns off when not in use. Simply connect it to any HAI Omni system, and you’ll have instant graphical control of security, HVAC, lighting and other home control functions via easy-to-recognize icons.

Easy Set-Up
The OmniTouch Touchscreen offers true plug-and-play operation. Simply connect it to any HAI Omni System via the 4-wire console bus, and it will set itself up based on the preferences that you’ve already programmed into the system. There is no programming, which can be complex and expensive in competitive systems. Changes made on the Omni family system automatically show on the touchscreen, allowing homeowners or installers to maintain and reprogram the Omni Family system remotely.

Easy Operation
The OmniTouch Touchscreen is designed with everything that’s necessary for you to operate and program your HAI system. The OmniTouch’s responsive icons facilitate control of lights and small appliances, monitoring and adjustments of security and temperatures, including outdoor temperature and humidity, pool and spa temperatures, ventilation, decorative lighting and other items under control of the Omni-family system. If there’s a feature that’s not part of your system, the touchscreen won’t display the icon, so you or anyone else operating the system won’t get confused by seeing icons that have no functionality.

Check System Status at a Glance
In its normal state, the HOME page is displayed, which shows the day, date, time, current security mode (if applicable) and current outdoor temperature (if applicable). At the bottom of the display, the system status is shown. If all doors, windows, sensors, etc., are secure, no zones are bypassed, and if there are no troubles, the bottom line will say “SYSTEM OK.” In addition, an LED is used to indicate whether the security system is currently armed or disarmed. If armed in any security mode, the LED is set to red. If the system is disarmed, the LED is set to green. The LED flashes when a message is displayed.

Selectable Faceplates to Match Any Décor
The touchscreen unit mounts flush with the wall, and is supplied with a white, beige, and almond faceplate that is a slim 3/8 inch for an elegant built-in look.

Price: $799.99 (or go through Smarthome’s auction for $600!)
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)