Settlers of Catan Board Game

Settlers of Catan

All board games are not created equal. The Settlers of Catan proves that point in droves. Now onto its 4th edition, SoC has taken the world by storm since its creation over 10 years ago.

In Settlers of Catan, you collect resources from different terrains in order to build roads, settlements and cities in order to win the game, which lasts anything up to 90 minutes – a little (possibly a lot) less strenuous than Monopoly.

Beginners and advanced players are catered for alike with separate instructions depending on what sort of difficulty you want to play at. All the resources collected in the game can be traded, adding a whole new dimension to gameplay. Hang on, this is starting to sound like just about every MMOPRG available online – now you can see why we’re featuring it! Perhaps the only downside is that you need 3 or 4 players to play, but then again everyone will want to join in with a game like this!

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