Secure Logic InvisiVault Hidden Wall Safe

Feel like a spy with Secure Logic’s InvisiVault Hidden Wall Safe featuring the strength and security of a steel vault blended with the elegant aesthetics of a nice picture frame making the InvisiVault the ideal concealed solution for your security storage needs. You can customize the vault by adding you own 12” x 16” or 16” x 20” photo/print, painting the wood frame to match your décor or choosing which direction you want the door to slide open. The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of items including small electronics, firearms and even laptop computers.

SecureLogic even summed up the competition for easier feature set hunting. Featuring remote control entry, an instant access sliding door (think Star Trek’s sliding doors but faster) and a easy to install DIY installation, the safe checks off all my wants for a hidden wall safe!

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Price: $429.99
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