Scooba Floor Washing Robot by iRobot

Scooba Floor Washing Robot by iRobot

The Scooba by iRobot is finally here. Don’t you love the idea of having a robot mop your floors? Forget the bucket, the ammonia smell, the dirty water, the dirty mop, the tracked-on footprints. Instead, just press the Scooba “Clean” button as you move on to do better things.With Scooba fully charged, just fill its “clean water” tank with tap water and two ounces of specially formulated cleaning concentrate. Turn it on, press “Clean” and Scooba does all the rest!

Amazingly, Scooba automatically executes all four cleaning steps in one single pass: One, it picks up dirt; two, it sprays on the cleaning solution; three, it scrubs with a spinning brush; and four, it vacuums and squeegees up all moisture and dirt into a separate tank — leaving hard floors squeaky clean and bone dry!

Smart navigation. AWARE™ robotic intelligence allows Scooba (like Roomba) to clean your entire floor efficiently, automatically and without missing a spot. Smart sensors avoid steps and carpets and steer Scooba under and around furniture and into hard-to-reach areas. To keep Scooba from crossing an open area, use the included Virtual Wall®.

Safe on hard floors. Scooba will prep, wash, scrub and dry all kinds of hard floors — including tile, linoleum, marble and sealed hardwood*. One 45-minute cleaning cycle covers a standard size kitchen. Cordless Scooba is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery; a full charge yields 80 minutes of cleaning power. The included Virtual Wall runs on 2 D batteries.

Price: $399.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)