Review: LapWorks Laptop Legs and Mac Feet

Review: LapWorks Laptop Legs and Mac Feet

LapWorks specializes in products for laptops and products that help the cooling process for laptops and have several offerings including a line called Laptop Desk that we have reviewed as well as an even simpler solution called Laptop Legs or Mac Feet.

“During the past few years, manufacturers have designed out the flip-down laptop legs which once came on most laptops,” said Jose Calero, LapWorks’ president. “The legs propped up the back of a laptop allowing air circulation underneath. Even though a good idea, the legs kept breaking. As a result, the manufacturers were receiving back perfectly good laptops to perform warranty work on an inexpensive component.” Calero added, “We’ve developed a durable solution for these missing feet.”

Read on to see if the Laptop Legs can stand up to the Geeks review.

LapWorks created LapWorks Laptop Legs to accomplish two tasks: improve ventilation and improve typing ergonomics. Made of Polycarbonate Plastic (bullet proof glass material) but weighing in at only .7 ounces, the Laptop Legs are small but stout! These gizmos are 1.5″ x 2.0″ and only .25″ thick. At this size, if you need to tote your laptop around you will not even notice the feet until you need to use them!

Laptop Legs The Laptop Legs are easy to apply to your laptop, you simply peel and stick to the back bottom part of your laptop. Each Laptop Leg has two fold-down feet. The fold-down feet have two different elevations to choose from to suite your personal ergonomic needs including raising the back of the laptop either 1″ or 1 3/8″. The smaller foot has a large rubber pad to grip onto the desktop so there is no slipping.

Laptop Legs only work well if you are setting up your laptop on hard surfaces. If you plan on going mobile and using on your lap or soft surfaces such as a bed, the Laptop Desk is a much better solution for you.

LapWorks, Inc. really backs up their Laptop Legs and Mac Feet products and represents that by a one year warranty against defects in materials, construction and workmanship.

Laptop Legs For a price of $24.95, the Geeks feel the Laptop Legs from LapWorks, Inc. are reasonable in price providing you keep your laptop on hard surfaces, otherwise we would recommend the Laptop Desk. The Laptop Legs are a simple solution which works. The introductory price of $19.95 has been extended at

The Laptop Legs and Mac Feet are available from, Amazon and Tiger Direct. Soon, the Laptop Legs and Mac Feet will be available at numerous retail shops around the world.

What’s Groovy and What’s Sucky

What’s Groovy:

Simple yet sturdy and stout! Permanently attached to the laptop so you do not even
have to think about the product. You apply it and forget about it!

What’s Sucky:

The product does not work for mobile users that use their laps and other soft surfaces
to use their laptops. LapWorks’ Laptop Desk are recommended for that application.

Features Performance Quality Value
3 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
Featuring super strong Polycarbonate plastic, no-slip rubber preventing slipping, a
two position incline for ergonomic typing, and directly attached to the laptop for
“forget about it” use, the Laptop Legs and Mac Feet have plenty of useful features.
Useful only on hard surfaces though.
The Laptop Legs perform quite well allowing ergonomic use of the laptop and heat to
escape while sitting on a hard surface.
Made of Polycarbonate plastic and rubber the gizmo is built to last even for travellers.
The only weak point for the Laptop Desk is where the Laptop Legs and Mac Feet attach
to the laptop. The Laptop Legs seem to stick quite nicely though.
$24.95 is well worth extending the life of your laptop and by reducing the heat in the
laptop, the Laptop Legs and Mac Feet are a great value. You might want to check out
LapWorks’ other products such as the Laptop Desk for mobile users who use their laps
and other soft surfaces.
4 Stars
The Laptop Legs and Mac Feet do what they are made to do including protecting your desk
and other furniture you use your laptop on as well as protecting your laptop by creating
additional air flow.

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