SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition USB Flash Drive Welcome to the Ducati of USB sticks… from Ducati. With a fast, 20MB/second transfer rate and a large 4GB capacity, this flash drive has the speed and capacity to work for most people.

So why so expensive? The flash drive was designed in an industrial look echoing “the performance, colors and lines of a Ducati MotoGP motorcycle.” I’m sure someone will buy it, but I can get a 500GB drive that would be faster (and much bigger) for about the same price!


Suggested Price: $124.95


  1. The price of flash drives has plummetted to the point where they are now giveaway items. Any day now we’ll see them being given away in cereal boxes.

    So now we’re seeing features being added as a way to justify higher cost and profit margin–the ultra-secure “Ironkey”, for example, flash drives that read biometrics, etc.

    The value add here is … stylishness? So you can say to someone, “here, let me copy my powerpoint to my flashdrive….” and then hope that someone notices the Ducati name?

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