Google Docs Offline being rolled out

Google Docs proved (at least for me and others I know) that for a significant portion of what we use office productivity software is relatively simple and does not usually require full-blown, feature rich suites like MS Office, or OpenOffice. While I found that using GD was not an issue as I regularly have high-speed Internet access (@ work and @ home), it did lack what the other suites provided which was offline use (like say when I’m on a plane or at an airport refusing to pay $12 for 24 hours of Internet access).

Now get ready for Offline Google Docs. All you will need to do is download and install a browser plugin called Google Gears, which already has me wondering what other applications Google has in mind for your browser. For now, Offline GD only works with the word processing app and only in English, but stay tuned. The others will be coming soon. Here’s a video of it in action.