Readability Bookmarklet for Web Reading

While cleaning up some old bookmarks today, I ran across a company that was acquired by Twitter which lead me to one of the owners Twitter’s feed. The last item in the feed then pointed me to a brilliant web experiment called Readability which is a arc90 lab experiment that provides a bookmarklet that you simply copy to your modern web browser’s toolbar. As you surf the web and find an article really worth reading, click on the bookmarklet and the article reloads in a reader friendly interface providing options to return to the original page and email or print the article.

Here’s an example of Ahmad’s Review of the Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station from this site:


Here’s a quick demo of the Readability experiment:

Readability – Installation Video for Firefox, Safari & Chrome from Arc90 on Vimeo.

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  1. Is there a method of installing this bookmarklet on a Palm Pre? I used to have an iPhone. Installing and using Readability with that device was a snap with MobileMe bookmark syncing. (I installed it in Safari and that change was propagated to the iPhone.)

    The Pre does not sync with the desktop (not out of the box), so I've been trying to figure out a way to use it in Palm Pre's built-in browser. Readability is a great tool for reading on a small screen.

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