R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II

R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II

Are you sick of being frag-fodder because you come around corners looking the wrong way or pointing your weapon at your feet? Well, that’s what you get by using a keyboard and your old school roller ball mouse.

You need to upgrade your setup to include a gaming mouse like R2’s Mark II. This 1600dpi gaming mouse has pretty programmable LED lights. Using the PAL 2.0 programming language you can customize your mouse assigning different functions to each of the 7 buttons (yeah, 2 more than the number of your fingers) including a function for tap, double-tap and tap-and-hold. You can also program the 8-Way-Scroll function to quick-switch weapons and execute macros. There’s enough memory to store your environment for up to 30 games too.

Go ahead and get your frag on.

Are you logging into the FPS multiplayer game with your lame two-button white-box OEM you found in the bin at some office supply store? Why are you bringing that weak-ass crap into my house? There’s a name for you amongst the clans and tribes: fresh-meat.

You’re not the guy that jumps continuously into a corner with your gun pointing at your feet, and yet you’re always at the bottom of the rankings. Why? You need the proper gear.

The R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II’s unique round shape requires you to use more precise fingertip control, elevating your game to incredible heights. It’s half the weight of the average mouse, and rides on tiny ball-bearings, not the so-called “anti-skid” pads. The slightest touch effortlessly moves the mouse across your desktop. The LED’s inside the mouse body and the buttons blink and throb to a programmable rhythm and style.

The beauty of the mouse is not limited to its weight, form-factor, or pretty lights. Included with the R2 Gaming Mouse Mark II is the PAL 2.0 programming language with which you can customize your experience. With it, you can assign different functions to each of the 7 buttons, including a function for tap, double-tap, and tap-and-hold. Send keystrokes with a mouse-click, use the 8-Way-Scroll function to quick-switch weapons, or execute macros. Modify the precision up to 1600 dpi, adjusting sensitivity of the X and Y axes individually and dynamically. What’s more, the 32kb of non-volatile memory can save 30 complete sets of configuration instructions, automatically switching depending on events or which game or program you’re running. Even the LED light pattern is programmable! Nice!

There’s even more. If you’re a happy owner of the Fragpedal, you can use it to manage shifting between button profiles on the fly, or even shift through precision settings.

You will have become he dealer of death, the bringer of pain, the master of the headshot. Extreme pwnage is at your fingertips, and all will tremble before you.

Price: $59.99
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