Lightmare LED Watch

Lightmare LED Watch

I must say I’m slightly confused as to how you tell time on this watch, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. I would guess the outer ring of LEDs represent every five minutes while the inner ring of LEDs are for the hours. The four LEDs above the center of the watch would represent the minutes between the fives. Ok, so maybe it’s not too hard to figure out… for a geek.

Ok, so I missed the AM/PM LEDs in the center. In addition to the cool and different way the watch tells time with LEDs and the watch is resistant to 30m. This unique watch would be loved by any geek!

We have to confess that we aren’t entirely sure what a “lightmare” is, exactly. Several theories have been put forth for evaluation, but no conclusion has yet been reached. One says that it’s a kind of nightmare in which there are an almost infinite number of lightbulbs connected to an almost infinite number of switches and you are responsible for turning them all off and back on again. Another says it’s an odd dream in which you are traveling the speed of light in your car and finally get to turn on your headlights to see what happens – only to discover your battery is dead. We don’t have too much faith in these theories, so for now we’ll just have to say it’s just an unusual name for an unusual watch.

The Lightmare LED Watch displays the time using 30 LEDs, with a set of four LEDs at the center which represent the single minutes between each of the five-minute increments and two small dots at the bottom denote AM or PM. Stainless steel case and polyurethane rubber strap.

Price: $139.99
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