Awesome Website That Allows you to Print Blog Into a Book

Blog2print Print your Blog as a Book

Blog2print Print your Blog as a Book Do you have a personal blog that you would like to save forever? Do you ever worry that your online blog might just go “poof” and be gone one day? I have a personal blog that I have written on for many years and those thoughts definitely crossed my mind. A friend introduced me recently to a website that can turn your blog into a professionally printed book.

Check out Blog2Print to create your own blog book. You can pick a cover, add images, choose how many posts you want to include in your book and decide whether or not you want to include comments. Blog2Print has posted a sample blog book so you can see.

A 20-page softcover blog book is $14.95, a 20-page hardcover blog book is $24.95 and extra pages are just $.35 a piece.


  1. Beautiful book, but my HTML codes didn't work right and most of the book had no paragraph breaks. Their email support help was okay, they pretty much made sure I understood it was my own fault. Now I am impossibly stuck with HTML codes that won't cooperate on my blog, and no chance of a nice blog book. And, $75 down the drain.

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