China building Cloud City

Cloud City - China building a city for cloud computing

Cloud City - China building a city for cloud computing China is building a cloud computing and office complex that includes a mega data center primarily for cloud computing with the partnership of IBM. The complex will cover over 6M square feet with the initial data center space accounting for almost 650k square feet. That seems impressive but I thought they meant “Cloud City” not “Cloud Computing City” so I was less than impressed when I found out the complex wasn’t going to float in the clouds.

Check out the article on Computerworld.


  1. The Chinese govt.'s investment gives them a big edge on ramping up their industry. Over time they could provide services at a cheaper cost then western providers. How long it will be before they provide business services globally. Wonder if u.s. companies looking to cut costs outsource cloud services. Wal-mart anyone?

    1. Sure, I think they could provide it at a cheaper cost, but have you seen hosting costs currently (in the States)? They're quickly become a very inexpensive overhead cost.

      I also feel that this is an area (Internet and 'cloud' services) where we're way ahead of the rest of the world.

  2. Here is the problem people very simple the Chinese could play havoc with our companies if they decide to have a shut down of any type…Seriously, that repressive society could control us! This control if we came to have a war of words or worse yet any other disagreements with China..DON'T GO THERE AMERICA..stay in the US where your data is safe!

    1. @localtime – keep the big picture in mind: if the Chinese gov't or even Chinese companies decided to do anything resembling that, then they'd be hurting themselves as well. Seems like an outlier theory to me.

      However, I'll say this much – keeping your data in the country where you best understand the law and customs can be very much worth the extra money you spend on the hosting.

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