Powerlung Sport – Lung Capacity Exercise machine

Powerlung Sport

I must say I’m disappointed – I read the word ‘Powerlung’ and the first thing that came to mind was some sort of metallic lung implant/exoskeleton that meant you could live under water for 2 and a half weeks or something, but no such luck. Nonetheless, Powerlung make a range of accessories to help your breathing and expand your lung capacity for various exercise routines and musical capabilities.

The Powerlung Sport is Powerlung’s top of the range lung capacity expander for competitive athletes who need strenuous training, but many other products exist in the field for those who don’t think they need such a workout. No chemicals are used in your lung improvement; all you do is inhale through the tube, which has a strong resistance to it, and then exhale through it, to make your lung stronger. Doing this for under 10 minutes a day should improve your lung capacity greatly.

Strengthening lung muscles and increasing capacity should give you loads of benefits including a reduced heart rate and you should feel less breathless at times when you need your air.

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