Palmsize Micro Copter

Palmsize Micro Copter

This must be the year of the tiny flying remote controlled vehicles as we have yet another to feature. This Micro Copter is a challenge to fly but according to the geeks at ThinkGeek, it can be done if you have made FPS skillz. Also, the copter is meant for indoors use only… you can try to fly the vehicle outdoors under zero wind and zero large hunting bird conditions.

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You will be amazed the first time you see this Palmsize Micro Copter take off from your hand. It’s like a tiny robotic hummingbird transported from a future society where all remote controlled toys are micro-sized and super cool.

We won’t kid you. Flying this mini copter takes some of those twitchy video game skillz you’ve been perfecting on FPS shooters. But once you get the knack of it you won’t be able to stop zooming it around your home or office. Unlike a traditional R/C helicopter, the Palmsize Micro Copter is always moving forward. You control the hover height and right or left turns. By a slight twist of the tail before takeoff you can adjust how quickly the copter moves forward. It can go at a pretty good clip if desired, so practice up if you expect to challenge the expert pilots at the ThinkGeek office.

Price: $49.99
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