Review: Oral-B Triumph vs Sonicare Elite Electric Toothbrushes – Power vs Sonic

OralB Triumph with Smartguide

The Oral-B Triumph line is a popular line of power electric toothbrushes that we have featured before, and we thought we’d bring you up to date with the latest news and provide you with an Oral-B-Sonicare comparison; this is mainly a Triumph vs Elite showdown. We had previously reviewed the Triumph 9400 power toothbrush and featured the Triumph 9100 power toothbrush (pictured). If you’ve done searches, you may have also come across many other Oral-B Triumph model numbers, but they all feature the same toothbrush but just in different bundles (ex: additional toothbrush heads, carrying cases, etc.).

Another very popular line of electric toothbrushes are the sonic Elite line from Sonicare, a Philips brand. We’re going to take a quick look at how the Oral-B Triumph 9100 compares against the Sonicare Elite e9500 – both very highly rated toothbrushes in their respective ranges. So let the Sonicare vs Oral-B battle begin!

Both the Elite 9500 (pictured) and the Triumph are rechargeable as you would expect, and both have a system to make sure each sector of your mouth gets 30 seconds of cleaning – Sonicare call this their ‘Quadpacer’ while Oral-B simply call it a brushing guide and timer – good old simple English!

sonicare-elite-e9500Here it starts to get a little more competitive, the Oral-B features an alert that warns you 10 days away from needing new brush heads so you can nip down to the shops to buy another set; the Sonicare does not. The Sonicare features an ‘easy-start’ and soft bristle system for those just starting out with an electric. With the Oral-B, you can simply start out in ‘sensitive” mode. On the Sonicare, there are 2 modes – gentle and max whereas the Oral-B has 4 – clean, massage, polish and sensitive.

The most significant difference is in the core technology. The Oral-B Triumph is a power (mechanical) toothbrush, which pulsates (the brush head moves in-and-out) at 40,000 times per minute and side to side at 8,800 times per min. The Sonicare 9500 is a ‘sonic’ toothbrush that produces 31,000 bristle sweeps per minute through vibration.

Sure, the Sonicare vs Oral-B battle is hardly over, but at least you now have more info so you can make a better informed decision. You can find many more details in our review of the Oral-B Triumph 9400, and we’re going to stick to our guns and still recommend the Oral-B Triumphs.

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  1. As a student dental hygienist both companies come to my school each year and "teach" us about their various products. They give us the entire toothbrush systems for free and let us keep it. Braun and Philips are both very competitive. It is in their best interest that we recommend their products to our patients; but after trying both products for three months each I have to agree that Oral B wins the match. The vibration and oscillation provides the best cleaning power your teeth can have. The smartguide is very useful to achieve compliance and have our patients effectively brush their teeth for two minutes. Thumbs up for Braun!

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