New Year’s Resolution #5, Save Money: 120V 18 LED Light Bulb

New Year's Resolution #5, Save Money: 120V 18 LED Light Bulb

You can save money by saving energy. You can replace your ordinary bulbs with the 120V 18 LED Light Bulb. This low-energy bulb can be run 12 hours a day for a year at a cost of only 80 cents (whereas a 65 watt light will cost roughly $35) and the LED bulb should last around 10 years.

While your upfront investment is ten times as much as a regular light bulb, the cost savings of energy over the extended lifetime of the bulb will pay for itself several times over.

The 120V 18 LED Light Bulb runs on 1.3 watts of electricity and is safe to use outdoors. It has an average bulb life of 60,000 hours.

For a brighter glow, try the 36-LED version of this light bulb.

Price: $29.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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  1. As of Oct. 17, 2007 this particular bulb was discontinued by the retailer, they did have a 36 LED white bulb for $39.99. WOW, you have got to save a whole lot of electricity to pay that baby off. If you want to find some less expensive LED light bulbs to try. About the best prices I have found were at They have a 36 LED white bulb simular to this one for $12.95. You can get almost 3 of these for the price of this one. LED replacement bulbs are still not bright enough to be an actual swap out for regular light bulbs, but they can be good for low light areas, and small directional lighting.

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