New Web Browser, RockMelt, is all about social networking

RockMeltThere’s always a new kid lurking around the corner in every industry, and while the Web browser world hasn’t seen one since Chrome, RockMelt is hoping to change that with their socially-minded browser.

They’re hoping to capitalize on how popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, et al. have become as well as how Web activity has evolved to be more share-oriented.

RockMelt keeps live tabs on your favorite streams of info, and allows you to instantly share, save, comment, and update without leaving your browser, opening new windows or even visiting some of the social networking sites themselves.

It’s still in limited beta, but you can sign up now to receive an invite in the near future.

Interestingly, RockMelt has major funding from a VC company run by Netscape-developer Marc Andreessen, and he even sits on their board of directors and provides input.

It remains to be seen whether RockMelt can gain traction. To date, competitor Flock which has been around since 2005 and purports to do the same has failed to break into the big leagues.

Perhaps an endorsement from one of the big social networking sites might do the trick.