New HTML Spec: v5 ?

Ugh. The W3C has launched a new working group to look into a new version of HTML, v5. According to this well-written article, lobbying for an HTML 5 spec was pushed by Apple, Mozilla & Opera among others. I can’t say that this thrills me. We’re now at the point where XHTML (and CSS) has taken a nice hold on the Web and browsers are supporting those standards pretty well. It seems like we’re approaching a pretty decent uniformity in that department after years of having to code differently for multiple browsers. HTML 5 is looking to introduce tags like section, article, and footer among others. As one commenter pointed out, and I agree, this seems to be a return to specific meta tags that blurs content and presentation.

Granted there are some interesting and possibly useful new features like form validation, but why do we need to go back to HTML for that? What do you think?

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