Netgear ships Gigabit-speed Storage Central Turbo

Gigabit-speed Storage Central Turbo (SC101T) NETGEAR today announced worldwide availability of its Gigabit-speed Storage Central Turbo (SC101T), the next-generation of its bestselling storage area networking (SAN) product line.

Storage Central Turbo is the industry’s most versatile and affordable networked storage solution for simultaneously sharing and protecting digital assets such as music, photos, videos, HD movies, and data files. It enhances the end-user experience via faster SATA disk drives, greater flexibility and secure mirrored data protection. It functions much like a locally attached USB disk drive, but remains accessible from several Windows PCs on the network.

Learn more about the product on Netgear.

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  1. This is actually not a SAN (Storage Area Network) device, but a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. There is a huge difference…

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