Sylvania Z-Wave Deluxe Starter Kit

Sylvania Z-Wave Deluxe Starter Kit

In the battle for home automation controller technology that started in the 1970’s with X-10, are the Z-wave Alliance, the ZigBee Alliance, as well as several other proprietary formats such as Smarthome’s Insteon.

Today’s Gizmo is a starter kit which uses Z-Wave using the low power IEEE 802.15.4 specification which is a mesh technology for wireless controls.

This Sylvania Z-Wave Deluxe Starter Kit includes one remote control and two #2000Z plug-in lamp modules. The remote control features an LCD display and user-friendly menu-based control of up to 64 plug-in modules. It requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately) and has a 100′ range between the remote control and the nearest plug-in module. Plug-in Modules plug directly into wall power outlets and automatically repeat the functions of the remote for full home coverage. The modules are for use with incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and low-voltage, non-motor appliances (300W max, at 120V/60Hz).

Ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers
This state-of-the-art system requires no new wiring or professional installation, is expandable up to 64 lamps/appliances, and is the very first technology available for do-it-yourselfers that will support coming two-way residential gateway technologies. But remote control of lights and appliances isn’t all. It’s the only self-contained system that offers child protection, burglar deterrent, built-in timer control and wireless control of whole-house lighting groups with a single button. That’s right, no more wandering from lamp to lamp, room to room, turning on lights when you come home. You now have all of that with the touch of a button.

No Complicated Installation Needed
The Z-Wave system requires no new wiring or professional installation. In fact, it’s the first true grab & go technology with real plug & play functionality. The modules simply plug into ordinary electrical outlets. You can even name areas or scenes, such as “Scott’s Office,” “Kid’s Room,” “Home Theater,” and more.

Totally Modular for Easy Expansion
This system is totally modular. All you need to get started is this Sylvania Z-Wave Deluxe Starter Kit. Yet, the remote unit can handle up to 64 plug-in lamp or appliance modules — easily covering a 6,000+ square foot home!

Price: $129.99 on sale currently for $117.99
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