Neuros Control Tablet 1002 comes with Boxee remote control

Neuros Control Tablet 1002

Did you see the word ‘tablet’ and switch off because apart from the myriad of Android tablets out and upcoming, there’s of course also the Apple iPad. But wait, this one has a few twists – this Neuros Control Tablet 1002 comes with a remote control app for the Neuros LINK installed as well as a Boxee remote control.

What’s Neuros LINK? In a nutshell, it’s Neuros’ next gen media center player. So the remote control means you can control your home theater system.

So what’s in the tablet? Android of course, although unfortunately only 1.6, but this probably means more for phones than tablets. What else? A 7″ WVGA touchscreen, 128MB RAM, 2GB storage, WiFi, 1.3MP webcam, mic and headphone jack.

Neuros has never really taken off despite their hacker-friendly outlook and their critically-acclaimed Neuros OSD media center.

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