Multi-Color Lightbulb With Remote

Multi-colored Lightbulb With Remote

Here at GizmosForGeeks we do occasionally like to feature one of those items that you really, really, don’t need but you are somehow drawn to buying it – the multi-color lightbulb with remote is one of them.

What does this one do? Well, it’s just a regular lightbulb on the surface, but if you delve deeper you will find that it is a lightbulb that provides a transition between 16 different colours via a very handy infrared remote. There’s also a (perhaps unnecessary) range of sequences for the lighting system – the remote can set the light to fade between colors or pause on colors with varying speeds and the usual flash/strobe/fade/smooth effects, along with the brightness adjuster.

You can perhaps imagine that this is a perfect lighting system for many occasions – parties, special events, or even for wooing that loved one. I would love to replace all the (10!) lights in my kitchen with them and make some kind of rave-kitchen, but at $49.99 a pop it’s going to look unlikely for the time being!


Price: $49.99(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)