MP3 Player/Pedometer/Radio

MP3 Player/Pedometer/Radio

Finally, a good use of convergence! This little gizmo is great for workouts and walks and includes an MP3 player, pedometer and radio. The MP3 player has 1GB that will hold 240 songs (may not seem like much compared to 80GB iPods, but if you’re working out you probably have only a couple of workout playlists). The FM radio has 20 presets and a voice recorder allowing you to record up to 12 hours of verbal reminders. The gizmo includes a gorgeous 128 x 64 pixel OLED screen and the unit runs for 10 hours on battery.

his MP3 player with pedometer integrates two essential exercise accessories in one device that clips to your waist or straps to your arm. The MP3 player has 1 GB that holds up to 240 songs and connects to a PC via USB to download songs using the included software. A pedometer with a built-in stopwatch allows you to set distance or time benchmarks for cardiovascular workouts. An FM radio has 20 presets and the voice recorder feature enables you to record 12 hours of verbal reminders. The device has a 128 x 64 pixel OLED screen that is brighter, uses less power, and has a wider range of color than typical LCDs, while displaying steps taken, MP3 titles, battery life, and an equalizer. Menus are quickly navigated using the four-button keypad. Unit runs for 10 hours on a full charge and recharges while connected to a PC via USB. 3″ H x 1 1/2″ D x 1″ W. (1 1/2 oz.)

Price: $99.95
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