Wireless Power – Closer to Fruition

While still a matter of math theory and computer models, wireless power is starting to become something that we can hope to see in our lifetimes. The current popular theory is that using the physics phenomenon of resonance, we can get our electronic devices within a certain range of a power source, and have them recharged wirelessly. Distances could range anywhere from the nanoscopic scale all the way to hundreds of meters. Tesla, who was most noted for his discoveries and inventions in electromagnetism, did research into this very subject at the start of the 20th century. It seems rather surprising that it has taken more than a century for this to pop up again. Of course, it may take a few more years before we see something tangible that we can take home.

It’s a bit ironic that I should say this given that the first real portable *anything* I ever had was a battery-powered walkman when I was a kid, but this can’t be too soon. Have you ever seen someone frantically searching for power outlets in the airport? Well, perhaps the airports aren’t about to start providing recharging stations any time soon, but having these scattered around your home and office would be pretty convenient.