Motorlight Wall/Floor Lighting System – improves your mood

Motorlight Floor

The Motorlight lighting system is a high end state-of-the-art lighting system designed by Jake Dyson – son of the legendary multi-billionaire UK inventor, and founder of Dyson, Sir James Dyson. So it seems the creativity has been passed down from father to son. His innovation is far from just vacuum cleaners and hand dryers. This lighting system has variable light projection angles to create a multitude of moods in your room with a simple remote.

The lighting system comes in 2 forms – a floor standing version and a wall version (presumably mounted on or placed inside a wall) and can be run on their own or with another 29 lights in series – provided you have the money to buy 30 of these at £495 ($800) for the floor version or £249 ($400) for the wall version.

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