INSTEON Solutions: Home Automation Projects Explained

INSTEON Solutions

We’ve featured lots of INSTEON home automation products over the lifetime of our site, but perhaps you thought it’s cool, but didn’t think it would suit you because you couldn’t think of a scenario where INSTEON products would be useful. Well to help you out, Smarthome now has useful scenarios where you can apply INSTEON technology effectively to your home and life.

These INSTEON solutions detail how they would improve and help in various areas of your life, such as home security, social life, home automation and even caring for your pets, but the biggest help is that they tell you exactly which INSTEON products you need to get, and how to integrate them into your home.

For example, how do you turn on your porch light automatically at sunset? Or how do you set up automated pet feeding?

Visit the INSTEON Solutions page on Smarthome to get started.


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