Midway 12-in-1 Home Arcade Machine

Midway 12-in-1 Home Arcade Machine

You’re an old school gamer that still relishes a good game of Joust, Defender and Robotron, but don’t really care to play it on your PC, Playstation or Nintendo? Then the Midway Stand-up Arcade machine is for you. It packs 12 Midway games into one unit: Defenderâ„¢, Defender IIâ„¢, Robotronâ„¢, Joustâ„¢, Bubblesâ„¢, Splatâ„¢, Sinistarâ„¢, Rampageâ„¢, Rootbeer Tapperâ„¢, Wizard of Worâ„¢, Timberâ„¢, and Satan’s Hollowâ„¢. The unit stands 62â€? tall and has an included, built-in, full color monitor. Additional A/V inputs allow almost any existing home video game system, DVD player, VCR or other A/V product to be easily plugged in and viewed on the built-in monitor.

At about $500, it is even cheaper than buying a single original Joust arcade machine, for example. Just take a look on eBay, if you can even find any.

Price: $499.99
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