Maxtor Leverages Mediabolic’s Media Server Software for New NAS Product Line

Maxtor, one of the world’s largest suppliers of hard disk drives, has licensed Mediabolic’s Media Server software to deliver a new line of UPnP- and DLNA-compliant network-attached storage (NAS) products with built-in media server capabilities. Maxtor incorporates Mediabolic’s media server software which elevates the NAS from a backup support PC peripheral to an entertainment hub for the digital home.

The Mediabolic Media Server is software that makes music, photo, and video files available over a network for streamed playback on connected entertainment products. The software resides on a PC, NAS, or DVR and aggregates media content so that it can be accessed by a variety of digital home products, such as a networked DVD players and digital media adapters. The Media Server software is ready-to-run on any Windows- or Linux-based system and can be ported onto other platforms as well. In addition, because the software is NMPR-certified and is designed to DLNA guidelines, the Media Server will interoperate with a wide range of digital home devices.

Read the Mediabolic’s Media Server Product Summary Datasheet.