Creative Gets Patent for MP3 Player Interface

Creative was recently granted a patent for their MP3 player interface. In other words, a menuing system. While this has occurred before, this statement bears repeating – this is ridiculous. How many trivial patents is the USPTO going to continue granting? Creative’s menuing system is quite similar to the iPod and many other MP3 player’s interfaces for a simple reason – they work well and fit the devices’ size and purpose. Does this mean that Creative is going to legally go after Apple, iRiver, Archos, etc.? Probably. Or at least demand licensing fees.

I wonder when “2+2” is going to get its own patent? Ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but let’s face it – this interface is hardly what one would classify as true innovation. Invent a time machine and you can get a patent, otherwise, just be happy that your product is selling.