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After looking around Apple’s newly released Mac App Store last night, I found a few Mac Apps that peaked my interest. Happy hunting and let us know your favorite apps.

Lyrica Lyrica ($0.99) searches through six different databases automatically to locate the right lyrics of the currently playing song in iTunes. At less than a buck and an average rating over 4/5 with 28 ratings so far, you can’t go wrong with this Mac App if you’ve ever wondered what those lyrics were.

iRingtones iRingtones ($0.99) allows you to easily create iPhone ringtones from your existing music library. The Mac App is less than one dollar and has a 5/5 rating from 48 out of 52 people.

TextWrangler TextWrangler (free) is a freeware text and code editor that includes grep pattern matching, search and replace across multiple files, function navigation and syntax coloring for numerous source code languages, code folding, FTP/SFTP open and save, AppleScript, Mac OSX UNIX scripting support and more. It’s for free and 180 out of 198 ratings have been 5/5.

DropCopy DropCopy (free) is a free Mac App that easily and quickly sends files and folders to multiple destinations across your network by simply dragging files into recipients in a popup window. 18 out of 19 ratings are 5/5.

Whistle Phone Whistle Phone (free) is the leading VoIP application and brings free inbound and outbound calling in the continental US to your Mac. It’s free and highly rated.

CoverSutra CoverSutra ($4.99) provides a handy way to control iTunes without ever leaving your current application. You can see what’s currently playing, pause and resume playback, change songs and even view your album’s artwork. At less than $5 and 19 out of 22 people giving the Mac App a 5/5, it seems like a deal.

Kid Pix Deluxe 3DAnd one for the kids… Kid Pix Deluxe 3D ($49.99) provides kids with their own animated stories where they control the backgrounds, add stickers, insert animations and apply sounds and movies to the scene imported from iTunes and Garageband with seamless uploading to YouTube. My 4 year old fell in love with this Mac App.

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  2. If you're looking for apps for kids, try GollyGee Blocks — it's sort of like KidPix and LEGO combined. I wrote it, so of course I think it's great, but so do a lot of kids!

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