LG Super Multi Blue: The War Between Blu-ray and HD-DVD Continues

The guys from Techlore just got back from CES, and one of the cool things they saw was LG’s new “Super Multi Blue” drive. It reads HD-DVD’s and reads and writes Blu-Ray discs. No HD-DVD write action yet.

Either way, it’s slow (4x) and expensive ($1200), but it’s out … soon. The good news is that the connections are there – HDMI, component and composite for video, and optical, coaxial, and discrete 5.1 for audio. And the even better news… 50GB disc storage capacity for either format. That’s about 9 hrs of 1080i and 23 hrs of standard def. Rock on! Beats the daylights out of the 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica that can fit now on current DVDs.

Source: TechLore

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