Leatherman Micra

Leatherman Micra

The Micra from Leatherman is unlike any pocket knife or multi-purpose tool on the market. Closing to 2.5 inches and weighing just 1.75 ounces, the stainless steel Micra is so small you will hardly notice it until you need it. Then it goes to work for you with 10 useful tools, including spring-action scissors. Nothing else of comparable size gives you scissors this big, this strong, or this effective.

We suggest that you use your Micra to destroy alien races only if they have taken you without consent and only if you already have the root password to the mother ship.

Just over 2 inches long and about a quarter inch.

To win the Leatherman Micra, be the first to leave a comment with the correct answer to the following question: “What’s the Gizmos for Geeks slogan?” Hint: the slogan is on the lower left of every page!

Good luck and remember if you’re not the first comment that we’ll pick from all entries at the end of the week for one last prize.

Price: $19.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)


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