Palladium Not in Apple Dev Kits

By Timothy R. Butler
Editor-in-Chief, Open for Business
August 03, 2005, 22:38:05 EDT

Earlier reports circulating around the Internet concerning Apple’s inclusion of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip in Intel-based Macs were incorrect, OfB was informed. News of the inclusion of the chip, based on the technology formerly known as Palladium, had spread across the Internet as wildfire in recent days and many news outlets, including Open for Business, had published commentary on the dramatic revelation of the technology’s inclusion.

Books on Tape! The alleged digital rights management chip was said to be included in Apple Developer Transition Kits. These kits are early Intel-based Macintosh systems Apple has been providing for lease to Apple developers at a price of $995 since company CEO Steve Jobs announced the transition away from PowerPC in June.

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