Learning Online and Finding a Real-Life Teacher

We thought we’d follow up our last post about online language learning site, Livemocha, with some more educationally-themed sites. As geeks, we’re always trying to learn something new, so it seems pretty appropriate.

Another more general online learning site is eduFire, which does include language education, but a host of other subjects particularly in business & technology. Their primary form of teaching is by video. Some of their classes are free, while others are premium starting at only $5 per video.

If online learning isn’t quite your thing, or perhaps you need more tactile and in-person education, find a class in your area. TeachStreet helps learners find and get matched up with teachers. Membership is free.

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  1. It's amazing how technology is making almost everything so convenient and accessible from one's own home. Everyone is so busy now and though they want to learn more or something new, we don't have the luxury of time to move from one place to another, or squeeze in a couple of hours for learning. Now, you can learn from home, and at any time most convenient for you! God bless the internet.

    Amy Cameron

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