KitchenStir Chef Stir Pan

KitchenStir KS1000 Chef Stir Pan Outsource your stirring needs in the kitchen with the KitchenStir Chef Stir Pan. The Chef Stir Pan includes a Vent Filter for fume management (I know my wife wishes she had a way to manage fumes) and to reduce emissions (again, my wife would love a way to reduce emissions). The Chef’s Pan includes an embedded stirrer making up your outsourced pan stirring as well as a temperature and stir control all wrapped up in a dishwasher safe package.

The Chef Pan offers a new and easier way to cook traditional family recipes even with your hands full with the modern inconveniences. You’ll be able to prepare healthy, delicious foods in three easy steps. Simply load your ingredients, set the temperature and stir mode and then cook and serve. You can set it to slow cook, simmer, and sauté or stir fry. The automated stir control adjustment allows for you to determine your preferred cooking technique, reducing your cooking time. By sealing the ingredients in, the combined steaming and stirring action reduces the food splashing and fumes you get with traditional looking techniques.

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