iTouchless Toilet Flush Handle replaces your manual toilet handle

iTouchless Toilet Flush HandleWe’ve featured our share of touch-less/touch-free devices over the past, so what’s another right? Actually, this one should have been high on the list – it’s a touch-less toilet tank flush handle.

The iTouchless SF001C Sensor Flush Automatic Tank, yes that’s a mouthful, replaces your toilet tank’s handle with a high-tech proximity sensor and a power motor to actually take care of the downward motion you normally perform on the handle.

The unit comes with all of the equipment you need to retrofit your throne. About the only bad thing is that it requires 4 C batteries, although they’re supposed to last up to 3 years or 23,000 flushes. It’d be nice if it could use rechargeables.

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Price: $67.99
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